Visual and print artist. Graduated in Fine Arts from the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, where I usually reside, although my works are exhibited in other Spanish cities and Master in Textile Design from the Istituto Marangoni in Milan.
My origins in painting began with acrylic, studying above all the possibilities offered by the line and the stain and its subsequent union with other materials such as oil, managing to combine the two techniques in a unique style, full of contrasts and life.
Color constitutes the engine of my expression, through which I try to convey the moment in which I live, my worries, concerns, longings, desires, reflected in situations that I capture in my works.
Own moments and also stolen moments, which are diluted in atmospheres of warm and cold tones, traveling between the figurative and the abstract.





06 MARZO 2021 - 11 ABRIL 2021

Viendo la época de incertidumbre en la
que vivimos, el tiempo deja de tener el
mismo sentido que antes. Trabajo la idea
plasmar mediante la naturaleza el estado
de "cautividad" en el que nos
encontramos. Representar la dulzura y la
frescura del momento presente, a través
de rejas, vallas, ventanas, que nos
protegen falsamente de la realidad que
buscamos, salir, crecer, expandirnos...